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The whole network starting OV5640 large viewing angle 160 degree camera module, factory direct, any technical problems, can be directly docked with the factory engineers to facilitate the solution to your worries. At the same time can also be differentiated customization, what you need, we do our best to meet your needs.

Purchase Notes:This OV5640 camera can be mass production, the company has the advantage of domestic first-tier manufacturers supply, the basic problem does not exist out of stock, please rest assured that use. At present, sales of retail sales price for the retail price, for bulk, according to the volume of shipments shipped.Such as bulk orders 1K above, the purchase of sample fees will be returned.

The OV5640 is a 1/4-inch 5-megapixel high-performance image sensor, supports DVP and MIPI interface (also supports CSI serial interface) .

Guests can provide detailed information: (including camera specifications, OV5640 chip specifications, reference code, user guide ...)


configuration list

  • YL5640-500W-GJ * 1
  • 24P connector * 1 (retail gift, bulk additional charge)

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