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Waterproof Headlight Led Rechargeable 18650 Headlamp 10000Lm Light Head Lamp 1T6+2R5 Flashlight Of

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Producing a ultra bright beam of light by 3 LED
Multiple usage for headlamp head lamp or torch as this item

4 mode indication such as 1xt6/2xR5/3xled/ Strobe
Extensive Lifetime of LED (10,000 hours)
Adjustable headband,It is comfortable to wear.

XML T6+2xR5 Headlamp
Model of LED: XM-L T6+2xR5 LED
Number of LEDs: 3
LED Color: White
Output bright can come to max 9000 lumens [lm]
Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent
Waterproofing design
Adjustable base is provided for each head lamp, with back and forth inclination
One button switch : 1x XM-L T6/ 2x XM-l R5/ 3x XM-L R5/ Flashing
Waterproof:YES,But can not put into water,it is not for diving.
Switch Type: Button (On, Off and mode selecting)
Material: aluminum, glass, plastic and cotten
Color: Black
Powered by: 2 x 18650 Li-Lon 3.7V Battery

A.Package includes:
1 x Headlamp
2 X 18650 Battery
1 x AC Charger

B.Package includes:
1 x Headlamp
2 X 18650 Battery
1 x Charger (EU or US )
C.Package includes:
1 x Headlamp
2 X 18650 Battery
1 x AC Charger
1 x USB Charger
D.Package includes:
1 x Headlamp
2 X 18650 Battery
1 x AC Charger
1 x Car Charger
E.Package includes:
1 x Headlamp
2 X 18650 Battery
1 x AC Charger
1 x Car Charger
1 x USB Charger

Canada, USA,
Japan and Mexico the default send US charger

Europe and other countries to send EU charger
Sigerpore,UK,and so on will ship UK plug Charger
Austrialia,New Zealand will ship a AU plug Charger.


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This kind of headlamp features the CREE XM-L T6 LED lights which are adjustable for meeting your different needs. In addition, the headlamp comes with an adjustable base which will enable you to change the light direction freely. It is suitable for the outdoor activities, such as cycling, camping, traveling, hiking and etc.


1. Check the battery: Make sure the batteries are loaded in the correct direction and flashlight;

2. When using a flashlight, according to voltage and battery flashlight asked to choose, not indiscriminately, to prevent burn circuit boards, different models, different voltage batteries should not be used simultaneously;

3. In use, when the brightness of the flashlight changed significantly To close the flashlight, causing the battery to prevent battery over-discharge, and timely charge; Note that the battery waterproof, moisture, drop, etc., charging speed of the charging charger after the light turns, promptly removed, do not overshoot;

4. A long time do not use the battery, the battery should be fully and maintain normal about three months and then charge and discharge time, to avoid chemical corrosion;

5. The lamp cup inner wall to keep clean, absolutely not hand or hard objects to clean, clear fingerprint on the lens, the available cotton swab dipped in lens cleaner and gently wipe;

6. Do the flashlight prolonged contact with sunlight, water, chemicals and corrosive gases, etc., to avoid damage to the flashlight;

7. Non-professionals do not disassemble the flashlight prevent the destruction of the circuit board.


1. You can not direct light eyes, so as not to damage the eyes;

2. Do not use excess pressure, voltage should not exceed 4.2V, the battery Do not inverted, otherwise it will burn board;

3. Charging look charger positive and negative, do not overcharge and over discharge the battery to avoid damage to the battery life (charging time is generally 5-8 hours)

4. When using a flashlight, check the threads of the tightening no loose, or it may cause micro-light does not shine goods;

5. The flashlight should avoid sunlight or high temperatures place, stop using, remove the batteries fully charged, stored in a cool dry place;

6. The company has a living waterproof flashlight, rain generally not a problem, but do not have diving capabilities, do not carry this torch diving or prolonged on the basin, the bathtub;

7. To keep the O-ring (sealing gasket) and threaded move smoothly, please 2-3 times in its surface wipe Vaseline oil annually.

Charging instructions

Should replenish low battery, so as not to affect battery life, but also during prolonged storage battery to charge the battery.